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SmartWasher®, OzzyJuice®, OzzyMat® and OzzyBooster™ are Trade Marks of ChemFree Corporation, USA.

DSW-FU04K Fuse Kit

DSW-FU04K Fuse Kit  - SmartWasher Acc  - DSW-FU04K - DSW

DSW-FU04K Fuse Kit for SmartWasher® to suit:

DSW-123M, DSW-123MF1, DSW-123MF2

Pack Contains:

  • 2 off  DSW-FU01 1.0 Amp Fuses for the Pump
  • 2 off  DSW-FU02   6.3 Amp Fuses for the Element
  • 2 off  DSW-FU03   500 mAmp Fuses for the Power Supply

Dimensions: L50  x W 92 x D 5.3

Weight: 0.030Kg

$32.00 (ex GST)

Product Data Sheet

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