BC-1612 Durst Battery Charger

Durst workshop battery charger.
6 or 12 volts, 16 amps max.
Rugged steel case, handle, leads.
Made in Australia.

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BC-1612 Carry
Ideal Battery Charger for Workshop, Automotive and Marine, built with Quality and Durability

At 6Volt 12Volt

Amps Int: 16 16
Amps Cont: 16 16

Primary Cable Length: 1.5m of 6mm²

Fully Fuse Protected
Switch with 2 Position Voltage selector
Switch with 2 Position Current Control
Warning Light to indicate reverse polarity
Large easy to read Amp Meter
Wide Moulded handle for easy carrying
Powder coated Steel case
No exposed connections
Australian made

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 160 × 270 × 170 mm


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