BC-325-12T Durst Battery Charger

Durst workshop battery charger on trolley.
12 volts, 30 amps max.
300 amp jump start assist.
Rugged steel trolley for maneuverability.
Made in Australia.

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BC-325-12T Trolley
Ideal Battery Charger for Workshop, Automotive and Marine, built with Quality and Durability

At 12Volt
Jump Start Amps: 300
Peak Amps: 4800
Amps Int: 30
Amps Cont: 25

Primary Cable Length: 2.0m of 10mm²

Fully Fuse Protected, Self Resetting C/B on DC Side
Switch with 4 Position Current control
Large easy to read Amp Meter
Pneumatic pump up wheels
Powder coated Steel case
No exposed connections
Australian made

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 300 × 380 × 950 mm


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