BCSW-1225BS Wall Mount Battery Charger

Durst wall mount battery charger.
Designed for NSW emergency services vehicles.
12 volt, 25 amp triple output battery charger with 4m lead.
Made in Australia.

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BCSW-1225BS Wall Mount

The BCD Battery Charger Range maintains FULL BATTERY VOLTAGE allowing all readings from Diagnostic equipment to be maintained. Chargers with Stength, Quality and Durability.

Output Current: 12
Charge Voltage: 13.8 – 14.8
Charge Current: 25
Battery Size Ahr: 60Ahr – 300Ahr
Channels: 2

Primary Cable Length 4.0m of 4C/4mm² + 7 Pin HD Trailer Plug

Fully Automatic Fast and Safe
Over Current Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Fuse Proteected
Spike & Surgev Suppression
Powder coated Steel Base
NO Expopsed connections
Australian Electrical Standards & EMC Compliant

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 280 × 540 × 205 mm


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