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Introducing the Maxion Truck Master:
The Ultimate Jump Starter for 12 Volt American Trucks

The Maxion Truck Master is specifically engineered to meet the demanding power needs of American-style 12V trucks. With its unrivaled performance and exceptional portability, this jump starter is your reliable companion on the road. Weighing in at just 7KG, it’s remarkably lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go.

Equipped with an impressive 8000 Amps of real starting power, the Maxion Truck Master delivers an unmatched jump-starting capability that can effortlessly ignite the largest of truck engines. Say goodbye to stalled engines and frustrating delays as this powerhouse swiftly brings your vehicle back to life.

Hypastart Jump Starter 12V and 24V for heavy vehicles

The only Jump Starter of it's type, made in Australia

World's best 24v jump starter for trucks and heavy vehicles

Charging and test diagnostic equipment for all industrial and automotive applications

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