DSW-123MSK SmartWasher® Starter Kit

SmartWasher® Starter Kit.
DSW-123 mobile part washer
Supplied with 4 Tubs DSW-SW4 OzzyJuice®
Supplied with 1 DSW-FL4 OzzyMat™ Filter.

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DSW-123M SmartWasher®

SmartWasher® DSW-123 mobile washer machine.

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DSW-125 Smartwasher®

SmartWasher® DSW-125 parts washer machine.

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DSW-128 SmartWasher®

SmartWasher® DSW-128 super-sink machine.

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DSW-137M SmartWasher®

SmartWasher® model DSW-137M, mobile parts washer, large machine.

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DSW-SW4 OzzyJuice®

Heavy duty OzzyJuice cleaning fluid, 20 litres.

$211.47 Exc GST
DSW-X1 OzzyJuice®

Extra heavy duty Ozzyjuice cleaning fluid.
Suitable for heavy axle grease.
20 litre tub.

$260.76 Exc GST
DSW-FL4 3PK. OzzyMat Filters.

OzzyMat™ Multi Layer Fluid Activation Filter Mats for SmartWasher®
Pack of 3 peelable filter mats.
Microbe Impregnated Filtration.

$152.64 Exc GST
DSW-PU20 Pump

Pump assembly to suit Smartwasher
DSW-123, 125, 128 137.

$446.26 Exc GST
DSW-1204 Plastic probe.

Plastic probe to suit models –
DSW-123, 125, 128.
Measures temperature and fluid level of Smartwasher

$365.70 Exc GST
DSW 1285 Heating Element

Heating Element to suit models
DSW 123, 125, 125.

$352.98 Exc GST
DSW-1070 OzzyBooster®™

OzzyBooster®™ Microbial Enhancer expands “Territory” in which microbes breed aqueous based surfactant cleaner.
Non Toxic Bioremediation for degreasing.

$81.62 Exc GST
DSW -1080 OzzyScent

OzzyScent Odour Neutraliser for the Durst SmartWasher®
Apple Scent, Non Toxic.

$91.16 Exc GST
DSW-1011 FilterTrap

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Trap to suit DSW-123M.

$81.62 Exc GST
DSW-1023 SmartWasher® Angle Brush

SmartWasher® Angle Brush with On/Off valve.
Suits DSW-123, 125, 128.

$69.96 Exc GST
DSW-1030 Straight Brush for SmartWasher®

Straight Brush Flo-Thru.
Black polyester to suit Durst SmartWasher®

$40.28 Exc GST
DSW-FL875 Canister Filter

DSW-FL875 Canister 75micron Filter 245mm long to suit:

$31.80 Exc GST
DSW-FL8100 Canister Filter

DSW-FL8100 Canister 100micron Filter 245mm long to suit:

$31.80 Exc GST
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