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BC-430T Industrial Workshop Battery Chargers Trolley

Industrial Workshop Battery Chargers

Are you in the market for an Australian Made High Output Battery Charger that will also jump start a vehicle?...

BC-6100T Industrial Workshop Battery Charger Trolley
Look no further, Durst will have a charger to suit your application, if not, we will make it for you!

When it comes to chargers or any other of our products, our uncompromising reputation for strength, quality and durability speaks for itself, Just ask any of our customers from Local Councils, Government Departments, the Mines, Earthmoving and Heavy Vehicle Workshops, the Military and Fleet owners to mention a few.

Durst are the market leaders in Industrial and Automotive Battery Chargers with voltage ranges including 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 volts and amperage outputs from 10 amps to the peak performing BC–6100T with an extraordinary 100 amps at both 12 and 24 volts!

To accommodate the very wide cross section of applications in the marketplace Durst have developed ranges that will suit just about any requirement. All chargers have Operating Instructions on the front panels, easy to read meters, fully protected transformers, re-setable overloads and reverse polarity warning lights.

BC-6100 Series

Only available in trolley version but what a package!

This Market Leader has 12 and 24 volt settings with maximum continuous output of 100 Amps at 12 volt and 100 Amps at 24 volts, not to mention a massive 1200 Amp boost start capacity!

The unique transformer design of the 6100 allows for this higher output to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of the Heavy Vehicle, Earthmoving and Mining Industries, or any other application where high charge rates are required and time is of the essence.

BC-430 Series

Exceptional General purpose 40 Amp Industrial charger that comes in either carry version or trolley version (same specs). Voltage ranges include 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 volt and provides up to 400 Amp Boost start capacity to enable Jump Starting a vehicle. Full powder coated steel construction with Heavy Duty Transformer, wiring, cables and switches to withstand the roughest treatment and live a long trouble free life. Defence Stock Number NSN-6130-66-085-8304

Heavy Duty Battery Chargers

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