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The Durst range of switchmode battery chargers are known in he industry for strength, quality and durability

Battery Charger (Carry) BCD-1250C  Heavy Duty Battery Charger made and sold in Australia

The Durst smart battery charger range maintains full battery voltage, allowing all readings from diagnostic equipment to be maintained.

Charge batteries without damage to ECU or other electronic components — even calcium batteries.

Set and forget you say? Absolutely, Durst switchmode battery chargers are micro processor controlled to vary the charge rate in three stages from what is known as the bulk rate (about 60 – 70% charged) down to the absorption rate (almost fully charged) then finally the float mode (minimal charge rate) that will maintain the battery in a full state of charge and maximise battery life. Should the level of charge decrease, the charger will automatically increase to compensate thereby maintaining full battery charge. We did say automatic and we did say set and forget, it is that simple.

The user friendly LED, as fitted to all models, will tell you which mode the charger is in and therefore at what stage of charge the battery is in. Available in either 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt and in either single or multiple channels (charge more than one battery at a time), the Durst range of quality switchmode chargers will cater for whatever type of battery you are charging whether it is Gel, Wet Cell, Calcium, or AGM.

As with the BCS range, remote control panel and a battery temperature sensor are available as options. The uses and applications for these premium chargers are endless.

The BCD range of battery chargers are enclosed in a protective powder coated steel case for workshop use that is conveniently fitted with a carry handle, rubber feet, cables and insulated clamps. The BCD Range maintains full battery voltage whilst the technician is working on the vehicle or downloading data so there are no missed readings from scanners or other associated diagnostic equipment.

Just ask Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Porsche, Ford, GMH, BMW, Toyota etc throughout Australia and New Zealand. Available in 12, 24, 36 & 48 volt (with several Amp variations), the BCD range is available in single, dual or triple channel versions, depending on the model. Multiple channel versions come with a lead set for each channel.

As with the BCS range, remote control panel and a battery temperature sensor are available as options. The uses and applications for these premium chargers are endless.

Big on Quality and Reliability but not on price, that‘s the Durst BCS–A Range.

Complimenting our higher amperage BCS range, the compact, lightweight BCS-A range puts out honest amperage figures in a robust package. Made from extruded aluminium, (no plastic here), the BCS-A range of chargers are fully automatic, set and forget units that will punch way above their weight.

Available with optional plug to suit mobility scooters, wheel chairs etc.

Utilising SwitchMode technology and fitted with thermostatically controlled cooling fans, these units show r emarkable reliability and will operate for hours on end without missing a beat. Available in 12 volt (3, 6, 10 and 20 Amp) and 24 volt (4, 7, and 12 Amp) the compact design is ideal where space is at a premium.

Designed to charge any type of battery, including Gel, Wet Cell, Calcium or AGM, the BCS-A Range will adapt to just about any situation or application that you can come up with and save you money at the same time. As we say, just set and forget!

If your application is;

  • Automotive Battery Charger
  • Marine Battery Charger
  • Mobile Home Battery Charger
  • Caravan Battery Charger
  • Mobility Battery Charger
  • Industrial
    Battery Charger
  • Commercial Battery Charger
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • Deep Cycle Battery Charger
  • UPS Standby Battery Charger

… it doesn’t matter; there is a quality Durst switchmode charger that will suit your requirements irrespective of what they might be.

Make life a little less complicated and take the grief out of maintaining batteries. It may cost you a lot less than you think. With the Durst BCS range of switchmode chargers you will receive the highest level of quality and performance that you would expect from a Durst product. Available in 12 volt (15, 25, 45 Amp), 24 volt (15 and 25 Amp), 36 volt (20 Amp) and 48 volt (20 Amp) versions, the BCS range is available in single, dual or triple channel versions, depending on the model, and are recommended for batteries from 50 to 800 Ampere Hour Rating. Complimenting these chargers are accessories such as remote controls and temperature sensors that make the Durst BCS range ideal for permanent installations such as marine and industrial situations where access to the charger and/or batteries may be limited. Adjustable voltage and timer settings noted in the enclosed instruction book make the BCS range suitable for charging any type of battery.

The Durst range of high quality battery charger leads prevent damage to charger and vehicle.

Easy integration to any charger, not just Durst chargers, with universal Anderson Plug connections, common in engineering, mining and automotive applications.

The leads are designed to connect to any charger and primarily used in automotive showrooms and workshops alike.

Watch how a leading Australian manufacturer uses Durst battery chargers and diagnotic tools in their workplace

Nivek delivers workplace safety and efficiency through innovative products for heavy industry. Nivek chose Durst Industries as their preferred supplier for battery chargers and electronic diagnostic equipment because of Durst’s reputation for reliability, because the products are designed and made in Australia, and because Durst provides excellent customer service. Launched in December 2011, Nivek® Industries Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned manufacturing and fabrication company priding itself on superior quality products for mine site and earth-moving maintenance applications. Nivek Industries is best known for its Tracked Elevating Device, aka TED™.
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