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Wall Mount Battery Charger BCSW-BCSW-1250BS

Charging Bay Solutions for any type of vehicle fleet.
12 Volt 25 Amp Fully Automatic Switchmode Battery Charger.

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Introducing Durst’s Wall-Mounted Vehicle Battery Charger. Just plug the vehicle in to your Durst BCSW wall mount charging system back at the station to charge efficiently and quickly every time. Ideal for all Ambulance, Fire Vehicles, Stand-by Vehicles, Battery Charging Rooms, Workshop Hoist Applications, Mine Sites etc. Various charging plugs to suit your application, just call us for advice to suit. Cable arms to keep cables off the floor are also available.

This fully automatic charger offers fast and safe performance, boasting an array of protective features such as overcharging protection, short circuit defense, and spike and surge safeguarding. Its programmable UO voltage caters to various battery types, while the switchable 4H or 8H UO charging phase ensures adaptable charging solutions. With its compact, lightweight design, this charger is not only a space-saver but also a versatile power supply. Developed with NASA technology, it meets Australian electrical standards and EMC compliance. With precision performance and user-friendly elements like three-stage charging indicator LEDs and a mute button, this charger eliminates sulfation and caters to a range of applications from automotive to solar. Experience the future of battery charging with this innovative solution.

Durst BCSW models range from 12V 15Amp, 12V 25Amp, 12V 45Amp, 12V 60Amp, 12V 80Amp, 24V 15Amp, 24V 25Amp or 24V 40Amp. Other models available on application.

These charging systems were developed to suit a wide variety of charging applications such as emergency vehicles that don’t have the alternator capacity to fully charge batteries during jobs.

Premium Switchmode Battery Charger, suitable for Automotive, Marine, Mobile Home or Caravan, Mobility Appliances,Solar, Deep Cycle, UPS Standby.


Weight 6.7 kg
Dimensions 240 × 450 × 99 mm


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