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Durst Industries continues to operate normally

COVID 19 update


We are all facing a challenging time, uncertainty as a result of COVID 19 is felt in Australia and across the world. It is important to the Australian economy that businesses that can remain operational continue to do so.

Durst Industries is an Australian manufacturer of automotive electrical products, our markets include mining, industrial, commercial, emergency services and education. The manufacturing of Australian designed and built products continues in our Sydney location; the layout allows us to continue operating whilst maintaining a safe working environment for our valued staff.

I would like to inform you that Durst Industries continues to operate normally, our Prime Minister encourages local business remain operational and we intend to continue delivering quality products and services through this difficult time.

The Australian Tax office pledged to support local businesses through their ‘Instant Asset Write Off’ for capital equipment.

We thank you for your support and encourage you to support Australian manufacturing and the Australian economy.

Thank you,
Steve McInerney

Head of Sales and Marketing.

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