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Maxion Truck Master:
The Ultimate Jump Starter for 12 Volt American Trucks

The Maxion Truck Master is specifically engineered to meet the demanding power needs of American-style 12V trucks. With its unrivaled performance and exceptional portability, this jump starter is your reliable companion on the road. Weighing in at just 7KG, it's remarkably lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go.

Equipped with an impressive 8000 Amps of real starting power, the Maxion Truck Master delivers an unmatched jump-starting capability that can effortlessly ignite the largest of truck engines. Say goodbye to stalled engines and frustrating delays as this powerhouse swiftly brings your vehicle back to life.

Experience the Maxion Truck Master and unlock the ultimate jump starter
solution for your 12V truck

Safety is paramount, which is why the Maxion Truck Master features reverse polarity protection. Even if you accidentally make the wrong connection, this intelligent system prevents any mishaps from occurring. Additionally, the jump starter incorporates low voltage protection to safeguard the internal lithium batteries from potential damage.

Operating the Maxion Truck Master is a breeze with its user-friendly one-button operation. Just press the button, and you're ready to go. The robust all-steel enclosure ensures maximum durability and safety during use, providing you with peace of mind on every journey.

You might be wondering, "How many starts can it handle?" Well, rest assured, it can effortlessly jump start your truck over 20 times, with a quick one-hour recharge time. Thanks to its extraordinary power, even vehicles with high cranking amps like these American style trucks pose no challenge for the Truck Master.

Experience the convenience of high-quality clamps that securely connect the jump starter's Anderson ports to your truck's battery terminals. These reliable clamps guarantee a strong and stable connection for efficient power transfer.

Why is it so hard to jump start 12V trucks like the Freightliner?

Despite the mix of 12V and 24V trucks in the Australian market, the 12V system gained dominance in the 1960s. However, 12V systems, due to their need to provide higher current, often face significant voltage losses. In fact, it's not unusual to find voltage levels as low as 10V or even less at the tail lamps of a B-double truck, with even lower voltages in the case of road trains.

The real challenges with 12V trucks become evident when attempting to jump-start them. Large truck engines demand a substantial amount of power to kickstart, which is why 12V trucks are typically equipped with two or four batteries wired in parallel. This configuration results in a substantial amount of resistance or load. Here's where the MAXION TRUCK MASTER steps in. With an impressive 8000 Amps of real starting power, the Maxion Truck Master stands ready to deliver unparalleled jump-starting capabilities, effortlessly igniting even the most substantial truck engines.

This is a super powerful jump starter specifically designed for big, 12-volt American trucks like Freight Liner, Western Star, or Mac, this compact yet mighty jump starter is a game-changer.

Proudly Australian designed and made. Trust in its 8000 Amps of power to jump start you out of trouble.

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