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Introducing the Durst Solar Case

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Durst Rotary Solar Case for solar charging, portable

The Rotary Solar Case is a compact high power battery bank designed in conjunction with Durst Industries (Aust.) Pty Ltd and the Rotary Club of Salamander Bay for use in remote regions.

Durst Rotary Solar Case emblem for solar charging
The Rotary Solar Case has been developed, first and foremost, to provide light in remote health centres, aiding health workers where the availability of electricity is problematic at the best of times. The ability to provide portable lights for village birthing assistants is a major priority in areas where women often give birth in village huts or village health centres where the light from kerosene lanterns or mobile phones is otherwise the best available alternative.
The Solar Case also has application in regions that have been subject to natural disaster where there has been a disruption to conventional power, providing immediate light and ability to recharge phones etc to maintain emergency contact channels. The additional capacity of the Rotary Solar Case to recharge 12 volt DC batteries / devises or USB charged devises further enhances the value of the Case. The power pack ensures that while ever there is sunlight there is power to provide light and recharge essential equipment. Some 5000 similar units out of the US have been sent across Africa earning a USD1Million grant from the UN. Our units will be less expensive, more battery power and built with the specific needs of our island neighbours foremost in mind. While we anticipate a similar need across PNG and nearby islands, Rotary will be initially trialing two units in PNG for three months, refine, demonstrate and raise funds for the first production run, minimum 100 units.
Durst Rotary Solar Case for solar charging, convenient and portable

Rotary thanks Durst Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd whose input and contributions have brought us to this point.


Use lights as needed
Do not charge phones or appliances


Do not use lights unless needed
Charge phones or appliances


  • 2 x 12 volt DC LED lead lights and 10 metres of lead
  • 2 x USB rechargeable portable LED lights
  • 2 x USB rechargeable LED headlights 400lm
  • Multi lead phone recharger
  • AA/AAA battery charger and batteries
  • PV charge plug to Andresen plug for external sollar cell connection
Optional Accessories:
  • USB rechargeable foetal doppler
  • USB rechargeable thermal thermometer
  • External photovoltaic cell
  • 12 volt lithium iron phosphate battery charged by solar charger (LiFePO battery) and also 240 volt AC adaptor


  • Battery and USB charge items should only be charged during sunlight hours
  • Case should be stored in a secure location controlled by the assigned person
  • Do not leave the case in the rain or where insects / ants etc may enter
  • Monitor battery charge daily — ideally keep above 80%


  • Only for use with dedicated 240 AC volt lithium iron phosphate battery charger
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