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Previewing the Durst Hypastart® Super Capacitor Jump Starters

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The Durst Hypastart® Super Capacitor Jump Starter

The Durst Hypastart® is a Jump Starter, but it doesn't have a battery. So how does that work?

The Hypastart® uses a slightly new technology called Super Capacitors, or Super Caps. So gone are lead acid batteries and gone with lithium batteries as well.
There are certain advantages and disadvantages with a product like this, but primarily it's all about safety, and getting a vehicle jump started quickly and efficiently.

Even if a battery is dead flat, you don’t have to wait hours and hours to charge it. In 15 minutes, you’re ready to go and it’s ready to run.

If you’ve got a vehicle with a flat battery, typically the engine won’t start over 10 volts or so, the Hypastart® will work from five volts. The charge process will take a few minutes, depending on the charge level. The working range for charge is about five minutes, if it’s dead flat and been sitting there for three months or longer, it can take 15 to 20 minutes to charge. When it’s ready to go, the indicator will be at 100 percent, then you can switch it on. As soon as the engine starts going, the current will come back into the unit, instantly powering up to about 14.5 volts. Then you can switch it off and then you’re already at a starting voltage ready to go again. If you need to top it up, you can while the car is running, and bring it right up to 15.5 volts. 

The Hypsstart® will be available in three sizes, the largest jump starter will have capabilities of well over 2000 amps. There will also be special models for the mining industry. 

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This jump starter is perfect for environments that need extremely safe equipment such as underground mining

The Hypastart® is quick and easy to operate, but most importantly, it’s very safe to use. Typical lead acid battery or even lithium, there’s always a chance of gas, explosion or fire. Charging batteries produces gassing, that’s that’s just the nature of the beast.

Durst can can and do custom jump starters. If you have a custom request, especially with aviation, if there’s a custom requirement for custom voltage, typically 36 volts or so, we can accommodate that.

Generally, a lithium-ion battery jump starter has a lifespan of 2 to 4 years. However, Hypastart® Jump Starter has a longer lifespan up to 20 years. The built-in super capacitors can withstand more than 100,000 times frequently repeated use in its lifetime. 

Suitable for 4, 6 & 8 cylinder petrol passenger vehicles and diesel vehicles up to 4.0L 

And it is Australian made 100 per cent. Thank you for taking the time to read our product preview.

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