DSW-137M SmartWasher®

SmartWasher® model DSW-137M, mobile parts washer, large machine.

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HeavyWeight SmartWasher® with OzzyJuice the ONLY PROVEN Bioremediating System

The HeavyWeight SmartWasher® uses a powerful cleaning agent to clean the toughest grease and grime quickly and easily. Head to head competition has proven that the SmartWasher can clean as well and as quickly as solvents…. without the dangers of solvents.

Capacity: 95 Litres
Construction: Heavy-Duty HDPE
Pump Capacity: 1100 Litres per Hour
Adjustable Thermostat: 40°C – 46°C
Flow Control Timer: 10Minutes
Load Capacity: 450Kg

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 8890 × 1219 × 1140 mm


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