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BJT-200 12 / 24 volt mobile jump starter SCORPION

12 / 24 volt Mobile Jump Starter. CCA 1600
Heavy duty steel trolley on wheels. 57 kg
Fitted with Anderson plug, clamp holders.
Made in Australia

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BJT-200 Mobile Jump Starter SCORPION
Designed for Car / Truck dealer workshops, Panel Beaters, Bus repairers, Mining Companies, Aviation, Defence, TAFE, Hire Companies, Auction Yards

Performance: 12Volt 24Volt
Cranking Amps CA: 960 980
Cold Cranking Amps CCA: 1,600 800
Peak Amps PA: 7,000 3,500
Designed in Australia for Australian Conditions
Complies with WHS Regulations
Reverse Polarity Protection
Large Pneumatic Wheels
Anti Spike Protection
Battery isolation Switch – 12Volt – Off – 24Volt
Fuse Protected
Will jump start vehicles – with dead flat batteries
SmartCharger BCS-A2412

Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 330 × 570 × 620 mm


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