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BJT-520B 12 / 24 volt Mobile Jump Starter BIG MOTHER +

12 / 24 volt Mobile Jump Starter cart
Heavy duty steel case, 4 wheel cart, handle, 260kg
Anderson plug & fixed leads. CCA 4800
Suit mining, excavation, cranes ferries etc.
Made in Australia

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BJT-520B Mobile Jump Starter BIG MOTHER +

Comes with its own trailer and smart charger.
Designed for Car / Truck dealer workshops, Panel Beaters, Bus repairers, Mining Companies, Aviation, Defence, TAFE, Hire Companies, Auction Yards.

The Durst BJT-510 B and BJT-520B industrial jump starters are in a league of their own, if you need to start up large trucks, heavy machinery, earth moving or large mining equipment with dead flat batteries this the unit for you. The BJT-520B can deliver industry leading cold cranking amps, it is rated at CCA 2400 at 24 volts, CCA 4800 at 12 volts.

Performance: 12Volt 24Volt
Cranking Amps CA: 5,400 2,700
Cold Cranking Amps CCA: 4,800 2,400
Peak Amps PA: 24,000 12,000
Designed in Australia for Australian Conditions
Complies with WHS Regulations
Reverse Polarity Protection
Large Pneumatic Wheels
Anti Spike Protection
Battery isolation Switch – 12Volt – Off – 24Volt
Fuse Protected
Will jump start vehicles – with dead flat batteries
SmartCharger BCS-A2425C


Durst Industries has gone one step further and it now supplies the BJT-510 / 520B on 7 x 4 trailer. The trailer unit provides easy transportation of the jump starter to the vehicle that needs to be started. Durst also can supply custom lead sets and lengths to suit most heavy duty vehicles including Anderson Plugs, Cat / Volvo plugs as well as leads with extra heavy duty clamps.

If you need a specialized hitch, we’re also able to fit that to the trailer including standard ball and pintle, others are available on request. Trailers are supplied with a VIN plate, jockey wheel, spare wheel and lighting, registration is not included. Call us to discuss the options you require.

Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 920 × 650 × 670 mm
Trailer option

With Trailer, Without Trailer


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