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IP Wall Charger

When every second counts, rely on the power & reliability of the DURST IP WALL CHARGER.
Keep your vehicles charged and ready for deployment.

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Weatherproof Reliability
Designed to endure the harshest outdoor conditions, our charger stands up to rain, salt, snow, extreme temperatures, ensuring your vehicles are charged and ready.

High-Speed Multi Chemistry Charging
Keep your emergency vehicles ready. Our charger not only delivers rapid charging, but also chargers more than one battery with multi chemistry support for batteries like LiFeP04, AGM, Gel, Flooded, Wet cell, Calcium and deep cycle variants.

Universal Compatibility
Equipped with a range of charging connectors, our charger supports various vehicle types and battery configurations, from police cars
and ambulances to fire trucks and utility vehicles.

Durable Build
Built to last, our charger’s rugged construction guarantees longevity, withstanding the rigours of daily use in the demanding field of emergency services.

Smart Charging
Incorporating intelligent charging technology, our charger prevents overcharging and optimises battery health, extending the lifespan of your vehicle batteries.

Easy Installation
Designed for simple wall mounting, our charger seamlessly integrates into your facility, offering a convenient and accessible power solution.

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