PPS-1270 Programming Power Supply. 12 volt 70 amps.

Programming Power Supply.
12 Volt 70 Amp.
Diagnosing and programming vehicle computer.
Prevents the loss of ECU Data.

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PPS-1270 Power Supply
Programming Power Supply 12 Volt 70 Amp

Solving Voltage Drop while Diagnosing & Programming Vehicle
Prevents the Loss of Valuable ECU Data
Saves Time and Money
Suits all types of Batteries Gel – AGM, Flooded, VRLA

Fully Automatic Fast and Safe
Prevents Battery Failure
High Efficiency ( over 85% )
Over Current and Voltage Protection
Diagnosing faults in Modern Vehicles
Spike and Surge Suppression
LED Volt Meter
Australian & EMC Compliant

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 600 × 230 × 300 mm


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