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Premium Battery Charger Leads – 2m

High quality fused battery charger leads.
50 amp red anderson to 50 amp clamps.
2 meter length.
Protective sheath.

$145.00 Exc GST

Leads are made with 10AWG pure silicon high strand copper wire, high quality low profile copper clamps, integrated fuse and a quick disconnect safety system preventing damage to charger and vehicle in the case of unexpected or unintentional tripping or pulling of the lead when in use. The lead comes fitted with Anderson plug for easy integration to any charger, not just Durst Branded and is finished off with a nylon braided sleeve of ultimate protection and life span.

The leads are designed to connect to any charger and primarily used in automotive showrooms and workshops alike.


Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 200 mm
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