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Safeguard emergency services vehicles and Off road Adventures

Durst Sure Start is the definitive backup engine start solution designed for 4WD and the emergency services sector. With its autonomous operation, this engine start module provides engine start assist, jump start and emergency auxiliary power to any vehicle with with failed or depleted batteries.

Performance Features

Sure Start keeps emergency response vehicles moving

Durst Sure Start operates seamlessly, offering high current support to start batteries, improving engine start performance, support high current recovery operations, and reducing wear on OEM batteries and starter motors. In the case of OEM battery depletion or failure, Durst Sure Start effortlessly restarts the engine and can provide auxiliary power if the alternator fails. 

Powered by super capacitors Durst Sure Start delivers true inherent reliability and performance.

Engineered technology ensures safe and reliable operation in extreme climates and conditions, making it ideal for all 4WD and emergency response vehicles.

Safeguard critical operations and personnel ensuring your emergency response vehicles will start every time on time. Experience uninterrupted performance and absolute peace of mind with Durst Sure Start.

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