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What's a WASP? What’s a RHINO?

The BJC range of Jump Starters

BJC-4000AP Portable Jump Starter RHINO-AP — Australian Made by Durst Industries

Introducing the WASP BJC-2000 and RHINO BJC-4000 Portable Jump Starter

BJC-2000 Portable Jump Starter WASP — Available from Durst Industries Australia
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Designed in Australia for Australian Conditions and Climate

Manufactured for Australian conditions by Durst, our jump starters are all steel cased and use the very latest technology in fully sealed AGM batteries to give maximum output well in excess of what the competition can offer.

The only one of its type on the market and is very popular with mobile breakdown services where space is limited in the back of a work truck and real grunt is required to fix the problem.

What about re charging the pack you might say, Durst supply a fully automatic switchmode charger included in the price of every jump starter. These set and forget chargers plug into the rear of the jump pack and will keep the batteries at optimum charge levels. If you require recharging whilst driving along between jobs, Durst can provide as an optional extra, a DC-DC switchmode charger in either 12-12 volt or 12-24 volt and the necessary wiring harness to make it happen. Too Easy!

We mentioned Long Life, if a problem does arise, you are covered in the first instance by 12 months warranty and should any problems occur further down the track all of our units are fully repairable with all parts, including batteries, available from Durst.

Suitable for Car/Light Commercial vehicle dealer workshops, Panel Beaters, MiniBus repairers, Mining Companies, Aviation, Defence, Councils, TAFE, HireCompanies, Auction Yards.

Get a real Jump Starter that will do the job, get it going and go the distance, get Durst!

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