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12V and 24V Heavy Jump Starter

Made in Australia, Heavy Duty Jump Pack for Heavy Vehicles


The DURST HYPASTART® is a 12/24V Jump Starter for all heavy vehicles

Jump start any vehicle including diesel with this portable jump starter which is twice as powerful, and half the weight of similar units.

The new Industry leading DURST HYPASTART 12/24V Jump Pack Is the lightest and most powerful jump pack available. Using industry leading supercapacitors, the HYPASTART is not only HYPA powerful but HYPA safe to use in sub terrain environments. There is no risk of gassing, fire or explosion during charging or operation of the device.

HYPASTART 12/24V Jump Starter for diesel and petrol vehicles

The HYPASTART® CDS doesn't contain any batteries,
yet can jump start any heavy vehicle

The DURST HYPASTART series of jump starters are designed and manufactured in Australia from the ground up using the latest technologies available. CDS stands for Capacitance Discharge Starter. The HYPASTART is a battery-less 12/24V jump starter incorporating high capacity super capacitors creating a product that is not only lightweight and ultra-powerful but super safe to use and unlike traditional lead acid or lithium battery jump starters there is no chance of gassing, fire or explosion.

The DURST HYPASTART has features typically not seen in other jump starters notably the “HYPACHARGE” function allowing the user to start a vehicle with a flat battery even if your HYPASTART is low or even dead flat.

The HYPASTART can charge itself from a vehicle with a flat battery by simply attaching the start leads to the battery and moving the switch to the “ENERGIZE” position, waiting a few minutes for the green “READY” to illuminate indicating it’s ready to start. Move the switch position to “START” and start the engine, after a few seconds of running move the switch back to the “ENERGIZE” position to top up the jump starter and back to “OFF” position when the green “READY” light illuminates and you are fully charged and ready to start multiple times without pre energizing.

A safe 12/24V Jump Starter designed and made in Australia

If you’re looking for a 12/24V jump starter that’s made in Australia, you won’t find any better than the HYPASTART.

Who is using the HYPASTART?

This jump starter is perfect for environments that need extremely safe equipment such as underground mining

The HYPASTART® is quick and easy to operate, but most importantly, it’s very safe to use. Typical lead acid battery or even lithium, there’s always a chance of gas, explosion or fire. Charging batteries produces gassing, that’s that’s just the nature of the beast.

Durst can can and do custom jump starters. If you have a custom request, especially with aviation, if there’s a custom requirement for custom voltage, typically 36 volts or so, we can accommodate that.

Generally, a lithium-ion battery jump starter has a lifespan of 2 to 4 years. However, HYPASTART® 12/24V Jump Starter has a longer lifespan up to 20 years. The built-in super capacitors can withstand more than 100,000 times frequently repeated use in its lifetime. 

Suitable for 4, 6 & 8 cylinder petrol passenger vehicles and diesel vehicles up to 4.0L.

Inside a mountain shaft marble mine

Flat vehicle battery and flat Hypastart?
No problem, it can still start the engine.

The new DURST HYPASTART series of jump starters are simply the safest, lightest and most powerful industrial jump starters for all petrol and diesel engines up to 50L in displacement and exceeding class 9+ vehicle classifications. Please reference the chart to select the right size HYPASTART model for your requirements below.


HYPACHARGE Ready to use in a matter of minutes
ANTI-SPARK No sparks when connecting and disconnecting leads
RPP Reverse polarity protection
ANTI SPIKE Complete anti spike protection
12V/24V Two selectable voltages in a single unit
IPF Self resettable Ignition protected fuse
LCD MONITOR Instantly monitor HYPASTART capacity and charge levels
GFE PROTECTION Safely operate with no gassing, fire or explosion even if damaged
ULTIMATE LIFESPAN More than 1,000,000+ cycles
METAL ENCLOSURE Built Durst Tough in Australia
LIGHTWEIGHT Twice the Power and Half the weight of traditional jumper starts
DESIGN Fully engineered and made in Australia
VOLTAGE 12/24 12/24 12/24
OUTPUT 12/24 CCA 2000/1000 4000/2000 8000/4000
12-15V (0-100%) CHARGE TIME 25 MIN 25 MIN 50 MIN
OPERATING TEMP -40° to +70° -40° to +70° -40° to +70°
ENCLOSURE Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
DIMENSIONS LxWxH mm 300x200x400 300x200x400 480x200x400
WEIGHT 11kg 13kg 19kg

The DURST HYPASTART operates like no other heavy Jump pack on the market

The DURST HYPASTART jump pack features 2000A CCA in 12V and 1000A in 24V. The unit features HYPA Charging to be charged up in a matter of minutes from various sources. This Jumper pack can even operate without prior charging, simply connect jumper leads to vehicle battery, wait a few minutes for the capacity meter to reach max and start the engine.

The HYPASTART features a classic DURST YELLOW metal enclosure with a control panel with 12/24V switch and capacity meter with Anderson Plug connections for both JUMP and CHARGE on top of the unit protected by a sturdy metal enclosure / carry handle.

The HYPASTART features near infinite life of the Supercapacitors which makes this not only the lightest in its class but the most powerful, dependable and long lasting Jumper pack available.

The DURST HYPASTART  is ultra-resistant to bumps and knocks and Designed and Built DURST Tuff in Australia for Australian conditions.

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