Must have tools for marine electronic equipment

  • Battery Charger (Carry) BCD-1250 — Australian Made by Durst Industries

    Battery Charger (Carry) BCD-1250

    $1,040.92 Exc GST

    The BCD Battery Charger Range maintains FULL BATTERY VOLTAGE. Allows all readings from Diagnostic equipment to be maintained. Australian made by Durst.

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  • Dedicated Automotive Multimeter MM-78B — Available from Durst Industries Australia

    Dedicated Automotive Multimeter MM-78B

    $418.70 Exc GST

    Dedicated Automotive Multimeter with Auto ranging volts AC/DC, Frequency Resistance, Capacitance, Over-range indication, Overload protection. Buy online.

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  • Load Tester Carry BT-3006F — Australian Made by Durst Industries

    Load Tester Carry BT-3006F

    $1,886.80 Exc GST

    Designed to test Heavy Duty 6, 12, and 24 Volt Batteries from Passenger Vehicles all the way up to Trucks, Tractors, Earth Moving, Mining and Aircraft Equipment.

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