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TB-E1200-4 Test Bench

Durst Auto Electrical Test Bench is fast, easy and accurate. Tests alternators and starter motors. Reliable, automotive equipment made in Australia.

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TB-E1200-4 Test Bench
Model 1200 Series 2 Alternator Starter Test Bench.

DC Capacity: Test systems 6-12-24 Volt as Std
Voltage: 415V 50Hz Three Phase
Drive Motor: Australian made 4.0 KW Heavy Duty.

Test Starters to 1500Amps
Tests Alternators and Generators to 2.64Kw
Meters Switched 0-10Volt, 0-20Volt, 0-50Volt
Ammeter Scales 10-0-50Amp, 20-0-100Amps, 100-0-500Amps
Variable Speed 5000-0-5000 RPM
Universal Starter Clamp – Holds Generators and Alternators
Forward and reverse Rotation

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 890 × 990 × 1640 mm


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