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Aviation industry equipment, light aircraft repair and maintenance

Durst Industries is your trusted partner in the aviation industry, offering an extensive toolkit to bolster aircraft repair and maintenance. Our commitment to innovation and quality shines through in every product, designed to meet the diverse needs of aviation professionals. Explore our range of tools and solutions, from Aircraft jump starters to 30v aviation chargers, Durst tools are tailored to elevate your aviation operations.

Hypastart AIR: Next-Generation Aviation Jump Carts

Lightweight, portable, and WHS compliant, it's a testament to Australian engineering. With starting currents of 2300 Amps at 24V and 1150 Amps at 12V, it's the go-to choice for field and hangar operations, where reliable lightweight starting equipment is crucial.

Reliable Chargers for Aviation

Durst supplies a wide variety of specialised aircraft battery chargers, with reliable options for 24 Volt, 26 Volt, 30 Volt, 32 Volt charging, ensuring your aircraft's power needs are met efficiently and effectively. If you have any other type of voltage needs, get in touch and we’ll create a solution.

Custom Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Durst Industries specialises in crafting custom solutions tailored to your aviation requirements. We understand that aviation repair and maintenance demand precision and reliability. That's why we offer an array of 24V, 26V, 30V, and 32V options to ensure compatibility with various aircraft systems. Contact us with your specific requirements, we can create custom solutions.

Aviation Power Supplies

In the aviation industry, precision is paramount, and the Durst PPS2-12100 Aviation Power Supply delivers just that. Designed to tackle voltage drop issues while diagnosing and programming aircraft systems, this power supply is your dependable partner in ensuring that valuable ECU data remains intact.

Australian & EMC Compliant: Trust in a power supply that complies with Australian standards and EMC regulations, meeting the stringent requirements of the aviation industry.

Aviation Mobile Jump Starters

When it comes to starting aircraft with dead-flat batteries, the Durst BJT-520B Aviation Mobile Jump Starter BIG MOTHER + is as big as it ghets. This industrial jump starter sets the standard, offering industry-leading cold cranking amps. It's rated at a formidable CCA 2400 at 24 volts and CCA 4800 at 12 volts, ensuring you have the power you need when you need it.

Hypastart Technology: For exceptional reliability, the BJT-520B is also available as a Hypastart jump start. With its super-capacitor-based design, it provides quick and reliable starts, making it ideal for aviation applications.

Optional Smart Charger: The BJT-520B comes with the option of a smart charger, allowing you to keep your jump starter ready for action at all times.

Effortless Mobility: Moving the BJT-520B is a breeze with accessories like a trailer or the battery-electric BJT-520B E-Move. Designed for easy maneuverability, it features centrally positioned drive wheels, perfect for transporting loads across sloping ground.

Heavy Industrial Starter Test Benches for Light Aircraft Repair

Our Heavy Industrial Starter Test Benches are designed for heavy vehicles and aircraft. They conducts full-load testing and offers both imperial and metric torque measurement capabilities. Rated for starters from 24 volts up to a staggering 2,000 amps, it's proudly made in Australia.

Tell Us Wat You Need and We’ll Build it For You

From aircraft jump starters to aviation jump carts, power supplies, and aviation chargers, Durst Industries has your aviation needs covered. We're committed to delivering quality, reliability, and innovation to keep your aviation operations running smoothly.

Beyond our extensive product lineup, Durst Industries specialises in crafting custom solutions tailored to your aviation requirements. Contact us today and tell us what you need, we take pride in creating custom solutions that exceed your expectations.

Power Supply PPS-1270 — Australian Made by Durst Industries

PPS-1270 Power Supply

Programming Power Supply 12 Volt 70 Amp
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DSW-X1 OzzyJuice®

Extra heavy duty Ozzyjuice cleaning fluid. Suitable for heavy axle grease. 20 litre tub.
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SmartWasher® Kit DSW-123MSK Bioremediating Parts Washing System delivers exceptional cleaning without use of solvents

DSW-123MSK SmartWasher® Starter Kit

SmartWasher® Starter Kit. DSW-123 mobile part washer Supplied with 4 Tubs DSW-SW4 OzzyJuice® Supplied with 1 DSW-FL4 OzzyMat™ Filter.
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Durst SmartWasher® DSW-137M solvent free parts washing system, environmentally friendly and safe to use

DSW-137M SmartWasher®

SmartWasher® model DSW-137M, mobile parts washer, large machine.
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TB-E1200-4 Test Bench

Durst Auto Electrical Test Bench is fast, easy and accurate. Tests alternators and starter motors. Reliable, automotive equipment made in Australia.
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Load Tester Carry BT-3006F — Australian Made by Durst Industries

BT-3006F Battery Load Tester

1,000 amp fan cooled carbon pile battery load tester. Suits 6, 12 and 24 volt batteries up to N200. Rugged steel case. Made in Australia.
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